We want to help you play better.

Such a simple statement but it really is what we want to do. Whether you are looking for group lessons, private lessons or playing lessons we want to help you get the most out of your game and to have an enjoyable learning experience. If you have any questions about what we have to offer or how we could best help you, call Kevin Tracey at (512) 585-7961 or Brandon Whitman at (512) 921-2376. We look forward to hearing from you.

P.G.A Teaching Professional
Brandon Whitman

Brandon has been a Class A member of the PGA since 1991 with experience in coaching golfers of all skill levels. He has been a coach for The First Tee of Austin and is a US Kids Golf certified instructor. He is also a certified double goal coach with the Positive Coaching Alliance.

He was the number 1 player on the golf team at Spring Branch High School in Houston for 4 years. He was voted High School All-American in 1976. He played college golf at Wharton Jr. College and at North Texas State University where in 1981 was voted male Christian Athlete of the Year and captain of the golf team.

Contact: (512) 921-2376 | brandon.whitman@att.net

Kevin Tracey- Head Golf Professional
P.G.A Professional

  • Adults - $75 per hour (half hour lessons available)
  • Grey Rock & MGA Members - $65 per hour
  • Juniors - $50 per hour (half hour lessons available)
  • 9 Hole playing lesson - Adults $120 / Juniors $100

Contact: (512) 288-4297 | Kevin@greyrockgolfclub.com

P.G.A Teaching Professional
Brandon Whitman

  • Adults: 1 hour $75.00
  • Juniors: 1 hour $60.00
  • Packages: buy 5 get 1 free,  buy 10 get 2 free,  buy 15 get 5 free
  • 9-hole playing lesson - Adults $150 / Juniors $120
  • Create your own group - Get some friends together (up to 4 people) and I can set up a program just for you. You pick the day and time and let's get started. Adults (2) for $45 each, (3) for $35 each, (4) for $25 each    Juniors (2) for $40 each, (3) for $30 each, (4) for $20 each.

Contact: (512) 921-2376 | brandon.whitman@att.net



Coed Clinic: Open to players of all levels. An organized practice session on all parts of the game.
Dates: Every Saturday February through November
Time: 9:00am - 10:00am
Cost: $20

Senior Clinic: Open to any player ages 50-up. We want card you. In this class we want teach you a bunch of new tricks, we will just try to enhance what you already know.
Dates: Every Wednesday February through November
Time: 2:00 - 3:00 PM
Cost: $20

Get Golf Ready: An introduction to the game for the new player. A five lesson package. Do it by yourself or create your own group, either way I will get you Golf Ready in 5 days. Pricing is as follows: 1 person $175.00.00, 2 people $150.00 each, 3 people $125.00 each, 4-6 people $100.00 each.

If none of the above classes fit into your schedule you can always create your own group and we can set up a program just for you. If you have any questions about our classes or you would like to discuss some other options, call Brandon Whitman at (512) 921-2376.

Our goal at Grey Rock is to offer a program for every level of junior golfer. These programs are set up to be both fun and challenging. Our programs are designed to take a student from the beginner level to a more advanced competitive level.

If you have any questions about our programs or where your junior might fit in, call Brandon Whitman at (512) 921-2376. We look forward to helping all juniors enjoy "the game for a lifetime".

Fall Junior Programs

Little Linksters | (Ages 5-6)

Dates: September 7 -- October 12     (Saturdays)
Time: 3:00-4:00
Cost: $100 for whole series or $20 per session

Par Level          (Ages 7-8)

Dates: September 9 -- October 28     (Mondays)
Time: 4:30-5:30
Cost: $130 for whole series, $20 per session, $200 team golf

Birdie Level     (Ages 9-10)            (Tuesdays)

Dates: September 10 -- November 12
Time: 4:30-5:30
Cost: $130 for whole series, $20 per session, $200 team golf

Eagle Level    (Ages 11-up)          (Thursdays)

Dates:  September 5 -- October 24
Time:  5:00-6:00
Cost:  $130 for whole series, $20 per session, $200 team golf

Junior League Team Golf      

 A team program offerring an introduction to tournament golf to any junior
regardless of skill level ages 7-up. Junior League matches are 9-hole events 
played in a 2-person scramble format. There will be 3 of these matches in 
the Fall with a team champion crowned at the end. As a junior league team
member you will receive the following benefits:

     8 week lesson program    (see schedule above)
     20% off private or semi private lessons
     Entry into the 3 matches
     Grey Rock Junior Golf cap
     Fun playing golf with your friends

Match Schedule:  September 28   5:00 start time
                             October 26       3:30 start time
                             November 9     3:00 start time

Cost: $200  (includes the 8 week program and the 3 matches)
         $90  matches only  
    (you can be a part of the team without participating in the lesson program)


Come be a part of Grey Rock Junior Team Golf.


To sign up or for more information, call Brandon Whitman at (512) 921-2376.